Making time for blogging

I caught the beginning and the end of Sue Walters Intro to Blogging course tonight.  Unfortunately, my husband came home sick today (hoping it’s not the flu), so I was left to getting the kids bathed and in bed by myself.  The discussion was interesting, and I look forward to going back and watching the recording.

I have been thinking about blogging a lot in the last few days.  I am beginning to truly understand how valuable a learning tool it can be.  When you force yourself to sit down and articulate the things you are struggling with, wondering about, or accomplishing, you are already moving yourself forward.  Reflection is such an important part of learning (whether you are a student or a teacher), and unfortunately it is something for which we often do not make time.

And time is one thing I wonder about the most.  I know the last time I was teaching I always felt like I was running out of time.  I always had a stack of essays to grade, lessons to plan, co-workers to meet with… the list goes on and on.  I do wonder how to build blogging and reading others blogs into my schedule so that it is something I do regularly, but does not become a time suck.  I feel like the blog could easily fall by the wayside if I do not structure my time better.

At this point I want to do all I can to get my PLN and my blog up and running so that when I do go back to teaching it is already an ingrained behavior.  Then I can move on to getting my students blogging as well.  Any advice on keeping up with blogging would be fantastic.


5 thoughts on “Making time for blogging

  1. kgitch

    The time issue always affected me in the past, because I wanted a perfect post – with beginning/middle/end – enough research and pedagogy to feel like I what I was sharing was worthwhile – that takes time! What I made a commitment to myself this time, was to be less about “saying it perfectly” and more about expressing the thought and asking questions to engage whomever was reading to share with me. I hope you find the time to write and that you find the blogging to be useful in working with your PLN! I’ll look forward to see your posts. ~Karin (@kgitch)

  2. wsforchrist

    Although I enjoy creating a new post, the best part of blogging for me is getting to know some of the other bloggers. I never realized the enormous scope of creativity available to the reader as well as the poster. My advice to you is “make time to enjoy!”

  3. tasteach

    G’day Jeanne,
    Welcome to the world of educational blogging and the twitterverse. When I first began I also had trouble keeping up with it all, but the one takeaway from Sue Waters session would be to start having a reader to feed all those blog posts into. You then have one place to go to for reading; if you want to comment then, just click on the title of the blog post. That is so much easier than visiting lots of blogs and finding the author hasn’t written anything new for you to read.

    I also did that for my student blogs – at one stage I was moderating about 300 blogs but maybe 50 were writing regularly – so much easier to read in the Google reader than visit all those blogs each week. Time for reading – on a train, in the bus, half an hour before or after school before heading home especially if you have young children at home, otherwise while everyone at home is watching TV you are on the computer reading.

    Hope you enjoy your journey.

  4. lsanderson

    Looks like you have received some great advice. Getting into a routine can be tough, but worth it. Just be realistic.


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