The stay-at-home mom’s introduction to #etmooc

Disclaimer – I really wanted to make a cool animation to introduce myself, but this was what I had time for today after the kids were in bed.  Thanks for understanding.

Hi, everyone.  My name is Jeanne Garvey.  I live in Collingswood, NJ.  I have a BA in English from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and my Masters in Teaching from the University of Pennsylvania.  My first job out of graduate school was at Haddon Heights High School where I worked for six years.  It was a wonderful experience.  I had my daughter, Sasha, in 2006.  Being a working mom was overwhelming for me.  I wanted so much to be the best teacher and the best mom, and I was a bundle of nerves the entire year.

At the end of the 2008 school year, I decided to give up my position as a teacher in order to stay home and raise my family.  This was without a doubt the hardest decision I have ever made.  As I walked out of school on my last day, I truly felt like I was losing my identity.  For months I was plagued with feelings of shame and uselessness.  Eventually I came to terms with my role as a stay-at-home mom.  I had a son, Owen, in 2009 and he has kept me very busy.  I have come to cherish this time I have had with my children while they are young, and I count myself very lucky.

At this point, I have been away from teaching for almost five years.  The time has come for me to get back to work.  This coming school year I will be actively searching for a new teaching position.  I am both excited and scared.  I am excited to return to my calling.  Nothing gets my blood pumping like talking about a great book, helping students research topics they are passionate about, or encouraging them to express their ideas.  At the same time, I will need to learn to juggle home life and school more effectively.

A lot has changed since I have been in the classroom.  There are so many exciting tools to help make the classroom a more engaging place.  I truly look forward to hearing all of your ideas and perspectives.  Thanks for helping me get back in the saddle.


4 thoughts on “The stay-at-home mom’s introduction to #etmooc

  1. Lyn Hilt (@L_Hilt)

    Hi, Heather,
    Thank you for posting this and your honest sharing. I am a new mother to a 2-month old son. Before he was born I entered my fifth year as an elementary school principal. I am not returning to that role for the remainder of the school year and will be home with him. I already feel as though I’m “out of the loop” in some sense because I have been out of the position for these past few months, but I’m trying to seize the opportunity to stay current and involved, and #etmooc is the perfect way to do it! Kudos to you for taking the challenge, and congrats on your work and accomplishments as a mother!

  2. Jeanne Post author

    Thanks, Lyn. I’m glad I can play with all of this new info and technology before I go back. I think I will be more likely to use it and stay connected if I already am comfortable. Otherwise, it could be really overwhelming.

  3. karacjacobs

    Great introduction. Thanks for sharing. I think it is admirable that as you head back to teaching, you are taking this MOOC! Wow, so many teachers who have been teaching 10+ years would never to this (an many would not even be able to truly understand the concept). I am sure that you will learn a lot, and be a valuable hire when you start teaching again. Good luck on this journey!


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